California must unite to stop the attacks on women from all directions! Since California has legislation to protect abortion in the state, we must expand the education and access around reproductive rights. This state must do more to protect and support trans women’s health and safety. For every dollar that a white man makes in California, Latina women, Native American women, and Black women, make $0.41, $0.49, and $0.60, respectively [KQED]. This pay gap is shameful, and it should be abolished through legislation. A report by the Sovereign Bodies Institute found 105 neglected cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Northern California. Murders of California’s Indigenous women are 7x less likely to be solved, showing the continuing genocidal and misogynist outlook of California’s law enforcement system. 

  • Defend Roe v. Wade and other existing protections for reproductive rights
    • Ensure free, safe, and legal abortion on demand
  • Demand a re-investigation of every neglected case of missing and murdered Indigenous women across California
  • Expand discrimination protections, mental and physical health access, and safety measures for trans women
  • Close the wage gap, end the gendered division of labor
    • End unpaid domestic labor, introduce universal child care income for childcare providers and households raising kids
  • Establish a state agency to investigate and re-open mishandled cases of domestic abuse, sexual assault and rape across California
    • Create a task force focused on rooting out police, correctional officers and other law enforcement who have abused their romantic partners, detainees or inmates
  • Shut down military bases around the world responsible for the physical and emotional torture of women and children in nations abroad