To truly call itself a democracy, California must make huge strides to expand the right to vote. The movement won an important victory in the 2020 elections, where more than 50,000 Californians on parole got the right to vote through Proposition 17. We still have a long way to go to end the long, racist and exclusive voting system in California. This includes extending statewide voting rights to undocumented people and those above 16, since both of these groups are deeply affected by laws and politicians but can’t help to select them. We need to get rid of California’s ridiculous and archaic voting laws, replacing them with measures that protect the voting rights necessary for a functioning democracy. 

  • Lower the voting age for local and state races to 16; 
  • Extend statewide voting rights to the undocumented people
  • Establish automatic voter registration 
  • Eliminate the “jungle primary” in statewide races, where the top two candidates (regardless of party) face a runoff election in November regardless
  • Enact statewide rank choice voting