Reparations are due to Black and Indigenous America. In California, there is currently a statewide taskforce appointed by the Governor of California to study and propose reparations for slavery. Progressive state legislators must pressure this task force and the entire California government to expand its conception of reparations beyond a one-time cash payment. As the stimulus checks showed, a single cash payment isn’t enough, even if elite politicians see it as a quick way to clean their hands for the wrongs of the past. We pledge to use our California Senate seat to ensure reparations also includes the end of California's apartheid-style underdevelopment of communities of color. Together, we will establish a government where Black people and other oppressed nationalities have the power to determine the laws in their own communities, rather than just trying to influence a set of elite politicians.

  • Establish a program of reparations where African-descended and Indigenous Californians are provided with monthly direct cash payment. This is one concrete way to begin the process of atoning over 400 years of brutal repression and genocide. 
  • Affirmative action measures must be instituted wherever needed to eliminate the effects of historical discrimination in education, employment, promotion, housing and other areas. 
  • California must recognize the right of all oppressed nations to self-determination with regard to their means of gaining and maintaining their liberation 
  • Reinvest state funds into the education, healthcare, culture and infrastructure of Black and Indigenous communities 
  • Respect all treaties with Indigenous peoples and return stolen land
  •  Establish a sustained public education campaign promoting the goals of working-class unity and international solidarity across racial lines. Expose the capitalist roots of racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, xenophobia, and bigotry based on ability. 
  • Expand the scope of the Governor's state task force to study and propose reparations for other oppressed nationalities like Asian and Hispanic Americans, who have faced brutal, racist repression in California 
  • Pressure the federal government toward international reparations for countries that have been devastated by the U.S.’s history of colonialism, invasion, occupation, and sanctions. 
  • Pressure the federal government to withdraw all its troops and military bases from Africa and all other countries, so that these nations can develop themselves free from the type of brutal, racist military occupation. Senate District 30 is familiar with militarized police forces, so we must stand in solidarity with those who face America’s wrath overseas.