Mass incarceration is an issue facing Black people and other oppressed groups nationwide, but California is known as a prison state. California incarcerates 581 people for every 100,000 people in the state, and compared with Canada (114 per 100,000) we can see the absurd number locked behind bars. The racism behind this can’t be understated: 3,036 Black Californians are in jail for every 100,000 Black people in the state (compared with 453 White people per 100,000) [Prison Policy Initiative]. Our campaign also recognizes that countless political prisoners like Ruchell Magee and Chip Fitzgerald are facing trumped up charges in California’s dungeons for their freedom fighting. These deep wounds demand immediate action, so the Huerta for SD 30 campaign demands an immediate end to mass incarceration through these measures:

  • Release as many of California's non-violent inmates as possible to fight the drastic overcrowding and inhumane conditions of prisoners
  • Invest state funds into community based alternatives to incarceration
  • End cash bail and ban the use of predictive policing algorithms 
  • Stop the construction of future prisons and jails and close existing ones as we fight overcrowding through mass releases
  • Free all of California's political prisoners including Ruchell Magee, Chip Fitzgerald, Haazim Muntaqim and other elders of the Black Liberation Movement