Our campaign demands the elimination of all anti-LGBTQ discrimination and violence. We must make sure that equality is achieved in every realm from employment, to housing, to healthcare, to education. As of 2020, there were nearly 2 million LGBTQ Californians who have to face discrimination, harassment, abuse and attacks daily. We must defend the existing protections against physical abuse, conversion therapy, sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, and hate crimes. Only 32% of California’s LGBTQ youth feel safe in their classrooms and only 10% feel supported by their staff, which indicates a major lack of respect for the humanity of LGBTQ people. We must promote education about sexual orientations and gender identities from youth up, to prevent the spread of bullying from childhood to old age.

  • Expand 24-hour mental health resources for LGBTQ, with special hotlines for LGBTQ people of color and LGBTQ people with disabilities
  • Include transgender and queer history as a graduation requirement for California's high schools.
  • Defend and expand the existing protections against discrimination and hate crimes against LGBTQ people, including abuse and abandonment at the home
  • Prevent the deadly trends of LGBTQ homelessness, poverty and suicide by ensuring that all basic needs are met 
  • Create LGBTQ-centered education campaigns to combat bullying and miseducation in for workers in all industries and students at all levels