Our campaign demands that a decent job must become a constitutional right! Unemployment in California hit a peak of 16.4% in April and May, reaching 8.2% as of November 2020. California’s unemployment crisis isn’t just a random consequence of COVID-19, it’s a policy choice by our current government. California could have immediately taken steps to protect workers from layoffs and protect 100% of their pre-COVID earnings, just like many other countries did. California has over 1 million unemployed folks in California, but it also has countless jobs and services that need to be done. We can create training programs that prepare the unemployed and underemployed into new skills and trades. 

  • Make a job (with a livable wage, job protections, and benefits) a guaranteed constitutional right. Send basic income for all who cannot work!
  • Develop mass training programs for the unemployed and underemployed. Here are some examples of goals that we could train people toward:
    • Develop COVID-19 specialists, nurses, guidance counselors, teachers, social workers
    • Create clean infrastructure for our water, food, and transportation systems
    • Fixing up our streets and highways for the time being, while we develop mass transit, energy-efficient bullet trains, and more
    • Remodeling outdated, unsuitable and dangerous housing
  • Eliminate all discrimination based on ability and disability
  • Compensate all workers for stolen wages and prison slave labor. Support the prisoner fire-fighters who helped save the state from wildfires!