Tens of thousands of Californians have died after contracting COVID-19.  Many more have also lost their jobs, access to healthcare, and may potentially be evicted or foreclosed on in the coming months. In a state where the Democratic Party holds a supermajority, we must recognize that the Democratic Party's refusal to bail out the people in their time of need has allowed for rising unemployment, a lack of healthcare, and a looming eviction crisis. We are running a third party socialist campaign to challenge the Democratic Party and build a broad mass movement to demand a better world.


Our Five Point Program to Immediately Address Today's Crises


  1. Cancel the Rents & Mortgages

  2. Free Healthcare to Combat COVID-19

  3. Defund the Police & End Police Brutality

  4. Reparations for African Americans & other Oppressed Peoples

  5. Full Rights for Immigrants


Our Socialist Response To Other Issues:


Climate Change & the Environment     Mass Incarceration     Fund State Services, Not the Pentagon

Economic Depression     Big Tech     Labor & Unemployment

LGBTQ Rights     Women's Rights     Voting Rights


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