The federal government provided no funds for states in the last major stimulus package, but shifted massive amounts of resources toward the Pentagon. $1 billion was given to the Pentagon in March to make masks and other vital equipment, but they squandered it on “jet engine parts, body armor, and dress uniforms” as hospital supplies ran dry [Washington Post]. According to California’s 58 counties, 400+ cities spent $20 billion on police/sheriff’s departments, plus another $50 billion on the legal system and incarceration [California Budget & Policy Center]. The California Military Department (CMD) had a budget of over $249 million from state and federal funds [Legislative Analyst’s Office]. Every riot shield, prison gate, tear gas canister, and bullet costs money that could’ve helped fund a school, build a hospital, or feed a child. Together, we must push for a just economy that values life and development, not death and imprisonment.

  • Defund the military to provide for people’s needs. Bring the troops home and shut down the bases!
  • End the blockades, sanctions, sabotage, and all foreign interventions. Worldwide cooperation must replace U.S. domination!
  • Embrace the shared demands with Black Alliance for Peace’s No Compromise, No Retreat demands: 
    • Stop Israeli training of U.S. police
    • Shut down U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)
    • Fight Trump’s “Operation Relentless Pursuit “ and all federal anti-crime measures
    • Demand the end to U.S. participation in NATO, a white supremacist force
    • Pass legislation and resolutions to support the global abolition of nuclear weapons