In the richest country in the world, it should be a simple task for our state government to gather and distribute the items needed to fight COVID-19: masks, ventilators, tests, vaccines, and much more. However, from the beginning of the crisis, these essentials of life were scarce - not because they were hard to make, but because it was not profitable to produce these items for working class people. We demand a statewide, free healthcare system to effectively combat COVID-19. Californians need an end to the for-profit health care industry, which has cost us countless lives during this pandemic.  

  • Guarantee a completely free and public healthcare system as a constitutional right, including mental health services
  • Abolish private insurance companies and ensure those formerly employed in the industry are trained in other fields of work
  • Provide free testing and vaccinations in newly created health centers for the whole population, identify the circle of people who are possibly exposed to isolate and minimize spread.
  • Create a workforce of social workers and caregivers to survey all homes where seniors and disabled people live, to assure they are getting food and care.
  • Vastly increase medical staff and care in all prisons and jails. Compassionate release for elder prisoners, seniors being the most vulnerable to COVID-19 virus.
  • Full funding and staffing of public health departments. Full staffing of medical health providers in schools.
  • Provide protective equipment, training, breaks, and premium pay for hazard work for all medical workers, EMT, firefighters, and home-care aides.
  • Spark a massive public education campaign to provide the facts on COVID-19 and help prevent the spread of the illness. Institute proactive education to oppose the stigma, xenophobia and racism associated with COVID-19 due to bigots like Donald Trump.
  • Increase funding for under-served communities, particularly in rural areas, on Native reservations, in African American, Latino, Asian and white low-income communities.