District 30 has been devastated by some of the worst police terror in all of California. In Westmont, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) has murdered many innocent youth in the community like Dijon Kizzee and Anthony Weber, who was only 16 years old. When Westmont rose up to challenge these extrajudicial killings, the police didn’t hesitate to use their riot teams, rubber-coated bullets and tear gas. Westmont's LASD went so far as to tear gas a 7-year-old girl during a peaceful protest without any provocation. In honor of every person who has faced police violence, we propose the following measures to end the terror of California's racist police departments

  • Defund State Troopers, Local Police and Sheriffs Departments; Restrict state funds for local governments that do not defund their police departments 
  • Institute statewide community controlled policing; local budgets, law enforcement priorities, and the hiring and firing of police officers should be in the democratic control of the community being policed
  • Lower crime by attacking its roots: end poverty through social programs to end hunger, homelessness, and unemployment. Provide free on-demand mental health, drug rehabilitation, and job training services
  • Abolish SWAT Teams, which have racist and anti-black roots. End the use of tanks, helicopters, gas and other military grade weapons by law enforcement
  • Create an accessible, statewide database on violence, sexual assault, murders and misconduct by police. Officers who abuse their power in any way must be subject to immediate removal and investigation by the community, to smash the “blue wall of silence”.
  • End “qualified immunity” for police, which protects criminal officers from facing lawsuits.
  • End the racist “broken windows” policing, where officers cruise around looking to target minor crimes. This method of policing creates community trauma and wastes enormous amounts of time and resources.
  • Prohibit no-knock entry, establish “Breonna’s Laws” across the state
  • Eliminate sound permits and protest permits to reaffirm the right for protestors to express themselves
  • Strict limitations on the use of riot gear at protests; and enact a prohibition of mass arrests for those engaged in free speech activity
  • End facial recognition technology by law enforcement 

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