In the richest country in the world, it should be a simple task for our state government to gather and distribute the items needed to fight COVID-19: masks, ventilators, tests, vaccines, and much more. However, from the beginning of the crisis, these essentials of life were scarce - not because they were hard to make, but because it was not profitable to produce these items for working class people. 

In our Capitalism economic system, profit is the entire motive for production in our society - people’s needs come second. The mega-corporations and their private owners rule society. They decide the rents, the wages, how many people they hire, and how many people they fire. Average workers have no say in what is produced, how it’s distributed, or how much goes into their pockets. There is democracy, affordable healthcare, and secure housing for the rich business-owners and landlords, but the working class is forced to put up with this system or face unemployment, hunger, and homelessness.

The pandemic showed average people in this country an important lesson: our government’s priority is the profits of businesses that want to stay open, not ending the COVID-19 pandemic. The government refused to provide universal free healthcare during the crisis. They refused to pay working class families who faced job loss and cut hours a living wages during the pandemic, and instead they bailed out the largest corporations and banks in the country. These weren’t  the inevitable effects of COVID-19, but calculated choices by our local, state, and national government to put the corporate interests ahead of working people’s needs. Nothing is new about this, it’s just how capitalism works.

On Ernesto Huerta’s campaign for State Senate District 30, we believe the only solution to America's increasingly destructive capitalism is a socialist Reconstruction of society. Winning a spot for a socialist like Ernesto Huerta in the State Senate is one step toward changing this society for the better. Unlike capitalism, socialism guarantees that the needs of ordinary people - healthcare, housing, education, transportation, and healthy food and water - are guaranteed, constitutional rights. The only way to achieve this is organizing our communities and take the power to coordinate the economy away from the profit-hungry capitalists into our own hands.. The capitalists and their politicians who go to bat for them every day will never give these concessions without masses of people demanding them. 

Under a socialist government, the factories, farms, hospitals, stores, ports, and other major sectors of the economy will be publicly owned by the people rather than in private hands. Industries like healthcare will be free and provided on the basis of need, rather than being run for profit.  In this campaign, we believe it is our responsibility to demand a new economic system which may have sounded impossible a few weeks ago, but is not only releasable today, but an imperative necessity for humanity's future survival.