For the Earth to live, capitalism must be replaced by a socialist system. Global warming, pollution, acidified and depleted oceans, fracking, critical drought, plastics choking the seas, nuclear weapons and waste — it is clear that capitalism and production for profit are destroying the planet and threatening all life. The crisis is already here, with the most vulnerable and oppressed areas of the U.S. and Global South bearing the brunt. Using truly sustainable energy and seizing the oil and coal companies to stop fossil fuel pollution, are urgent steps needed to reverse climate change. Ultimately, only the socialist reorganization of society can ensure the future of the people and the planet. The following policies will help us transition to a socialist system.

  • Fight for a green/red deal which places major industries like energy, agricultural, manufacturing, and construction under the democratic control of the people and allows for the rapid transition away from fossil fuels before 2030
  • Ban fracking in California
  • Close down the Inglewood Oil Fields & end urban oil drilling
  • Close down the Aliso Canyon and Playa Del Rey natural gas facilities 
  • End industrial and factory farming; establish a bill of rights for animals and reorganize how we produce and transport food
  • Massively expand public transport and move towards ending private car use in urban areas; reorganize work to minimize travel 
  • Invest in massive reforestation and rebuild California's cities' into forest cities; utilize nature and vegetation to minimize cities CO2 emissions