With more than 50 million Americans having lost their jobs, a wave of evictions and foreclosures is beginning to sweep the country. Instead of providing real relief, the government of California is unleashing the sheriffs, police and other state agencies to evict people from their homes, harass the homeless and continue to carry out routine acts of violence and brutality in Black, Latino and Indigenous communities. We demand the following:

  • Make the big banks pay for a statewide cancellation of all rents and mortgages for tenants, homeowners, small landlords and small businesses for the duration of the pandemic. No one should accumulate rent debt during a worldwide pandemic.
  • Extend the eviction moratorium for the duration of the pandemic
  • Pressure the Governor to use eminent domain, and other emergency powers, over vacant buildings and all appropriate structures to house the homeless or people in precarious housing situations.
  • Fight to establish guaranteed housing as a constitutional right


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