Technology should be used to make life easier and relieve the stress and damage to worker’s bodies, instead of tools to make more profits for CEOs. Instead of fighting automation, we have to make sure that every worker whose job is automated receives training in a new field without losing their standard of living. Silicon Valley, a tech company-saturated region in Northern California’s Santa Clara Valley that includes San Jose, Palo Alto and Cupertino, has a value of $275 billion [Guardian]. Half the world’s tech billionaires live there, but inequality has soared because where massive wealth is created, misery is always created on the other side. As working class people, we need to take the massive infrastructure of these corporations and turn them into free, public utilities so that everyone can benefit from them without their data being sold to someone else for profit. Our campaign will fight to protect data rights, ensure all Californians can get online and get rid of the digital divide between rich and poor.

  • Nationalize Silicon Valley, turn those giant corporations into public utilities!
  • Establish free, secure and powerful Wi-Fi and internet services in every region of California
  • Improve the internet infrastructure and help prevent blackouts and service interruptions
  • Draft and pass a Data Bill of Rights
  • End mass surveillance now
  • Support the growth and empowerment of tech-based and protect tech workers and other staff from retaliation, harassment and discrimination