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Now that California has become the epicenter of the worldwide pandemic, it is clear that the state's Democrat-controlled legislature is unable to protect Californians from the biggest threats to their livelihoods: a deadly virus, record unemployment, and a looming wave of evictions and foreclosures. At the same time, thousands of Californians have hit the streets to demand justice for the victims of police violence and an end to racist police terror, only to face batons, tear gas, rubber-coated bullets, and jail sentences. Ernesto Huerta is running a third-party socialist campaign on the Peace and Freedom ticket to challenge both of the major parties' disregard of ordinary people throughout the pandemic and their failure to meet the needs of Black, Brown, and working class communities during this rebellion. Vote Peace and Freedom Party on March 2nd, 2021!


Our Five Point Program to Immediately Address Today's Crises


  1. Cancel the Rents & Mortgages

  2. Free Healthcare to Combat COVID-19

  3. Defund the Police & End Police Brutality

  4. Reparations for African Americans & other Oppressed Peoples

  5. Full Rights for Immigrants


If you’re tired of the same status quo from Sacramento and you believe in our Five-Point Program to defeat California’s major issues, please volunteer and spread the word about our campaign. Winning a spot for a socialist like Ernesto Huerta in the State Senate is one step toward changing this society. Sign up today and join us in the fight!


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